Видатні англійські письменники та їх твори

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Видатні англійські письменники та їх твори

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Цілі: розвивати самоосвітню компетенцію учнів, розвивати і вдосконалювати мовні навички учнів (інсценування, ситуації, ігри); розвивати індивідуальні творчі здібності учнів, розвивати навички і вміння працювати у команді; продовжувати навчати сприймати на слух повідомлення однокласників та спілкуватись під час презентації проектних робіт.

Обладнання: портрети видатних англійських письменників, виставка.


I. Вступна частина

If you want to be famous after you are | dead, either write things worth reading or do things worth writing. No enter­tainment is so cheap as reading, nor any pleasure so lasting.

T. The topic of today's lesson is "Fa­mous English writers and their literary works". By the end of the lesson you will be able to: recognize, understand, enrich and use vocabulary on the topic; develop your ability of speaking on the spot on the basis of information that you've read and heard.

II. Warming-up

T. We are going to discuss the problem: to read or not to read. Divide into two groups and work in teams. Your task is in 5 minutes time to give your ideas on the topic. One group will speak for reading, another one — against it.

1st group

  1. Books broaden our outlook, deve­lop our artistic task.

  2. Books give us a lot of useful infor­mation,

  3. Books help us to understand life.

  4. They are good advisors.

  5. Books are the teachers.

  6. They enrich our mind.

  7. Reading books is a great pleasure.

2nd group

  1. Reading is out of fashion.

  2. Books are very expensive nowa­days.

  1. Reading books takes much time.

  2. We prefer computer games.

  3. Books are not true to life.

T. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. But still people do read books.

III. Основна частина уроку

1. Перевірка домашнього завдання

Презентація учнями біографій англійських письменників та уривків з їх творів.

а) Роберт Бернс (вірш "My heart is in the Highlands").

б) Д. Г. Байрон.

в) В. Шекспір (сонет, «Король Лір», «Ромео і Джульєтта»).

2. Брейн-ринг

Т. Today we are having the so-called "brain ring". For this рифове we need two teams. Every team consists of 6 players and the captain. The rest of the pupils will be spectators but they also will take part in the game as there're special tasks for them too. Each team has it's own table with a lamp on it. During the game the teams will be given tasks. If the player know the answers, the captain should switch on the lamp. Only then a player can answer. Cap­tains, please, introduce your teams.

(Капітани представляють гравців.) Now we can start.

3. Літературна вікторина "Guess who"

T. I'll read you some information about a poet or a writer.

Guess who it is about. If you know the answer, switch on the lamp, please.

The spectators can help their teams if none of the players knows the answer. If you want to answer, raise your hand.



  1. He was born in India.

  1. He fought for Liberation of some European countries.

  1. He studied at grammar school.

  2. He was taught by his father.

  3. His father died when he was 3.

  4. He was awarded the Nobel Prize.

  1. She was the most famous of the three sisters -writers.

  2. He devoted one of his poems to a famous Ukrainian.

  3. He founded a theatre himself.

  4. He was the creator of the historical novel.

4. Next quiz: "Attention! Ask only general questions or alternative ones". Name this author.

2. Expected questions and answers

  1. Is this person a man or a woman?

  2. Is he dead or alive?

  3. Did he live abroad?

  4. Did he live many years ago or now­adays?

  5. Did he write poems or novels?

  6. Was he a famous English play­wright?

(W. Shakespeare)

3. "Attention! Ask only special ques­tions".

  1. What is this person?

  2. What country did he live in?

  3. Where was he born?

  4. Where did he spend his childhood?

  5. What poems did he write?

(G. Byron)

4. Poetic Contest

T. Captain, come up to my table and take any card you like to find out which team will de the first.

Each team is going to recite the poem.

5. Grammar Contest

T. Deaf spectators, I'll give you the sheets of paper with the next task for you.

Make up sentences from the words giv­en there. Mind the word order.

  1. On/ himself / a / later / became / founded / he / then / theatre / an / actor /he.

  2. William's / poor / later / father / time / became / some.

3.Translated / languages /plays / into / his / many /are.

4. Math / at / didn't / was / he / good / but/ like/ he/ history.

6. Literary Crossword

T. The next task for both teams is to study this crossword attentively and find out 14 names of British writers and poets.

T. The correct answers are:















№ 7. Making dialogues, using strips.

1. — What are you fond of?

  • I am fond of literature, I like to read novels by Mark Twain and Er­nest Hemingway.

  • I see you are fond of English and American literature.

  • It's true. And you?

  • Oh, yes. I am fond of reading different kinds of books. By the way, I am a member of the English circle. There we read and discuss many works by English writers. Some of them we read in original.

2. —Are you fond of reading?

  • Well, I am crazy about poetry. I prefer poems by T. Shevchenko and I. Franko. Besides, I have many books by these authors at home.

  • Tastes differ. I am fond of dra­matic plays. I like to see plays by V.Rozov and Rybehynsky very much.

  • Do you like going to the thea­tre?

  • Yes, of course, especially when such actors as B. Stupka or A. Rohovtseva play the leading parts.

IV. Заключна частина

1. Підбиття підсумків

Т. Our game is over. The final score is... in favour of the team... Now let's sum up. What have we done at the lesson?

Have you learned something new about British writer? Was it interesting for-you?

PI. I came to know new information about books and writers.

P2.1 liked to act as Juliet.

P3. It was interesting to me to make dialogues using strips.

P4. To my mind, I played a part of Romeo perfectly.

P5. In my opinion, we liked to work in groups, preparing our home task.

P6.1 liked my team very much.

P7. Now I believe, that books can make us kind and better, strong and clever.

P8. Paustovski said, "He that reads much, knows much". I agree with him.

2. Виставлення оцінок

T. Taking into account" your activity during the game, your role-playing, your marks are the following...

3. Домашнє завдання

T. The lesson is over.

Your hometask will to write a composi­tion "My favourite English writer".

Thanks for your work during the lesson. I hope you liked it.


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