Спорт. Види спорту

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Конспект уроку на тему: «Спорт. Види спорту»

Підготувала: Ліщук Л.В., викладач іноземної мови. Луцьк 2015

Тема: Спорт. Види спорту.
Тип уроку: урок-інтегрований

Навчальна: - ознайомити учнів з граматичним матеріалом;

- відпрацювати вживання лексичних одиниць з теми
«Спорт. Види спорту.» в мові учнів;
- навчити учнів розказувати про спорт, види спорту;
- відпрацювати лексику теми в граматичних структурах;

Розвиваюча: - розвивати індивідуальні та групові мовні навички учнів;
- розвивати навички читання;
- розвиток комунікативних навичок по темі: «Спорт. Види спорту.»;
Виховна: - виховувати вміння слухати інших;
- виховувати повагу до думки інших;
- виховувати любов до іноземної мови.

Студенти повинні знати: основну лексику з теми «Спорт. Види спорту», граматичний матеріал – правила утворення та вживання теперішньго неозначеного часу;
Студенти повинні вміти: застосовувати вивчені лексичні одиниці у мовленні, правильно вживати лексичний матеріал в граматичних структурах, виділити головне та сформулювати власне висловлювання, сприйняти на слух та відтворити почуте.
Роздатковий матеріал
: CD диск, перелік видів спорту, тематичні картки з видами спорту, таблиця з граматичним матеріалом.
: ноут-бук, CD диск.

Хід заняття:

І. Організаційна частина:
1. Вітання. Організація класу.
ІІ. Актуалізація опорних знань, вмінь, навичок з теми «Спорт. Види спорту».
1. Мовленнєва та фонетична зарядка.
2. Перевірка домашнього завдання.
ІІІ. Мотивація навчальної діяльності (повідомлення теми, навчальної мети)
ІV. Вивчення нового матеріалу:
1. Введення НЛО та їх опрацювння в усному мовленні.
2. Опрацювання лексичних одиниць в граматичних структурах.
3. Заповнити дієсловами текст з граматики.
V. Закріплення нового матеріалу:
1. З’єднати слова, створивши словосполучення. Гра «Хто швидше»
2. Дати відповіді на запитання.
3. Прослуховування пісні, заповнення пропусків. Виконання пісні.
VI. Домашнє завдання. Вивчити лексику з теми; написати невеликий твір про види спорту (сильніші учні), скласти 3 речення, використовуючи лексику теми (слабші учні).
VII. Підсумки. Оцінювання.

Theme: Sport and Sports


  • present new vocabulary of the theme to the students and practice the words in speech;

  • develop reading and comprehensive skills of the individuals;

  • develop listening skills of the students;

  • train the students to respect the opinion of others and behave properly on the lesson.

Equipment: flash cards about sport, text “The Importance of Sport”, vocabulary cards, grammar exercises’ cards.

Plan of the lesson:

  1. Greetings: Hello students! Glad to see you today! How are you? Take your seats and let’s begin the lesson. Let’s check the attendance. Now, are you ready to start?

  2. Warming-up:

What do you know about sport?

Do you think that sport is important in people’s lives?

3. Motivation. As you can see today we are going to talk about Sport and Sports.

Today we’ll discuss the questions about sport and find out the answers to them.

4. New material. Vocabulary explanation:

Usually as we talk about sport we use these verbs: PLAY, GO, DO. But do you know with which sport words we can use them? For example: Do we play baseball, go baseball or do baseball? This example may be easy. You can say: Of course we PLAY baseball! OK. What about swimming or aerobics or yoga and so on. So the question is: WHICH SPORT WE…….?

PLAY – I can play baseball

I can play football
I can play hockey
(if we use a ball in sport automatically we say PLAY)

GO – I go skiing

I go swimming
I go snowboarding
(if we have ending –ing in sport word we use GO)

DO – I do karate, I do yoga, I do kung fu,

I do aerobics, I do gymnastics
(if we have individual sport, smth we do in the gym or exercise, we use DO)

Is that clear? So now we’ll have some vocabulary practice.

a) Vocabulary practice: The words are written on the board, students write them down into their vocabulary copy-books. Then the teacher shows sports cards to the students, they name the sports and identify which verb (DO, PLAY, GO) goes with the sports.

Cycling climbing sailing tennis

Athletes bowling bobsled diving

Horse-riding skating figure-skating golf

Karate wrestling weightlifting badminton

Volleyball windsurfing biathlon boxing

Ping-pong snowboarding gymnastics track and field athletics

b)Vocabulary practice in grammar structures:

Present Simple

Auxiliary verbs: DO, DOES

I, You, We, They play, read, buy

He, She, It plays, reads, buys

DO (I, You, We, They) play, read, buy?

DOES (He, She, It) play, read, buy?

I, You, We, They DO NOT play, read, buy

He, She, It DOES NOT play, read, buy

Insert the right verb (use the correct tense) Додаток1.

Mary and John _______ sailing every year. They also love to _______ golf. Sometimes their friends ask them to _______ cycling, but they don’t like that. They prefer to _______ horse-riding. John also _______ ice-hockey and Mary loves to _______ dancing. In the summer they _______ swimming a lot. John and his friends all _______ basketball, but Mary prefers to _______ yoga. When she was young Mary _______ gymnastics and John _______ athletics. When it is raining Mary and John like to _______ chess. But in winter they always _______ skiing. In spring John likes to _______ fencing and Mary likes to _______ karate. Mary especially likes to _______ aerobics to keep fit.

5.Reading: Now its time to get some detailed information about sport. We will read the text “The Importance of Sport” and have a discussion about it. Додаток 2.

“The Importance of Sport”

Sport is an important part of today’s society and plays a large role in many people’s lives. Nowadays athletes have become national heroes. From a social point of view sport plays a positive role in uniting people from different social levels in support of their favorite team. It helps people understand each other and be tolerant. However, it can divide people as well, as we can see crowd violence at football matches.

Schools pay much attention to sport education in Ukraine, because it develops physical and mental abilities of schoolchildren. It teaches children how to work as part of a team and corporate with others. At the same time it makes students physically strong. From the economic point of view, sport can be very profitable and advertising. Large sums of money are often paid to sport event organizers to promote products such as drinks, sports wear and others.

All clever and wise people are sure that sport should be used only to encourage people to lead a more healthy and peaceful life instead of promoting unhealthy products.

Answer the questions. Let’s discuss the text.

  1. What is a positive role of sport?

  2. Where can we come across crowd violence?

  3. Why do Ukrainians schools pay much attention to sport education?

  4. How can sport event organizers earn money?

  5. What do wise people think of using sport?

  6. Is sport expensive?

6. Vocabulary game: Class is united into 3 teams with 5 students in each team. The students receive the words which they have to match to make word combinations. The team that does this job the fastest and without mistakes wins. You have 3 min. for this activity. Додаток 3.

A national violence

A positive products

A social abilities

A favourite organizers

Crowd role

Physical team

Sport event hero

A peaceful level

Unhealthy life

  1. Listening and signing. Now our lesson is coming to the end. We have one task to do. Let’s listen to the song and fill in the gaps. Then we’ll sing the song together. Додаток 4.

Take me out to the 1) _____ game
Take me out to the crowd
Buy me 2) ______ peanuts and Cracker Jack
I don't care if I never get back

Let me root, root, 3)_____
For the 4) _______ team
If they don't win It's a shame
For it's one, two, three strikes you're out
At the old ball 5) __________!

  1. Summing-up: so, on today’s lesson we’ve learnt new sport vocabulary, practiced the words in speech, we read a text about sport and discussed some questions about it, played a grammar-vocabulary game and listen to the song and learnt it.

So, did you like the lesson?

What did you like the best?

What didn’t you like?

  1. Homework: 1) for higher grades – write a composition about sport and tell about it,

2) for lower level – write down 3 sentences using sport words with play, go, and do.

10. Marks. The lesson is over. Have a nice day.
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